Wednesday, November 18, 2009

goin to the chapel, and...

...we're gonna get ma-a-a-rried.


(recent pic from Oct. 31)

It has been a long and interesting road for Candice Leticia Ibarra and Norman Nery Bún...

just about 2 years ago, Norm and I went to the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

birthday buddah

we had a funny conversation about how since we weren't ready to be married, I'd turn him down, even if he asked right then. He didn't think it was that funny, but later we laughed about it. On Saturday, October 24, 2009, we went back to the JTG at my request...and after a lovely stroll to a quiet place, Norm read me a poem he'd written. It was lovely and creative and talked about our journey to where we are now and how God was leading us to the next step...and he rhymed this into the last line:

"Candice Leticia Ibarra, will you be my bride?"

Of course, by this time I was crying because of the beauty of the poem and the direction I knew it was heading...he was beside me on one knee with a beautiful ring in hand...

me: "um...let me think about it...." "just kidding, YES!!!"

celebration ensued. We had a lovely rest of the evening in San Francisco and I'll have to post more pictures later b/c he has them on his camera.


my happy happy face :)

**We haven't set a date, but are thinking something small in late 2010; fall/winter in San Francisco or surrounding areas**

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  1. awe.... shoot! congrats!!! Tammy and I hope we can all get together soon and meet Norman!