Thursday, December 2, 2010

brown paper packages tied up with string...

I'm getting really excited about so many things...mainly about being the Mrs. of a very wonderful Mr.

As I countdown the last days...these are a few of the things I'm most excited for on the big day:

my old friend, Tammy and her fab hubby David coming to capture the most special day of my life. They have been my DREAM photogs since I first encountered David's work (which gets better and better!) well before I'd even met Norm. Tammy and I have known each other for over 10 years now, and I'm REALLY excited to be reunited with her as we haven't seen each other in almost 5 years! Here's a link to the latest wedding on their blog:
david molnar photography BLOG International Destination Wedding - Nashville Wedding Photography

CAKE! - Our cake flavours are super exciting and I'll let you know how the final product comes out...I'm super stoked to see the final result as well! Maggie has been GREAT to work with!

Family, Friends, and a pretty dress..

I'm looking forward to finally knowing EXACTLY what I'm wearing to this wedding (it's my 3rd this year), and feeling so blessed that SO many will be there to witness this momentous event. Norman and I have been through so much, shared so much joy, and gone through a lot of trials. All along, God's plan was to knit us together as husband and wife...and I couldn't be happier. We are so excited to see so many people we love all in one place to celebrate with us!

So....if you're near Redwood City, CA this Saturday, please come to Peninsula Covenant Church at 1:45 pm (ceremony's at 2, don't be "that guy") to be a part of the fun. Norm will be the handsome guy in the red bow tie. I will be the one in the white dress ('s ivory, details!)

tweets/fb posts are welcome...use the hashtag #normlovescan :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

to-do lists

Norman is really good at to-do lists.
I at them. sometimes. on occasion.

We are working as a team and he helps me to stay focused. You've never seen a groom this involved in wedding plans, I assure you. It's SUCH a blessing to work at this together and decide on even the smallest details together.
This month so far we've gotten the following things crossed off of the list:
  1. Catering payment made...only 30% left to go
  2. Design for invitation finalized (soon to be printed)
  3. Centerpiece design finalized and pieces being put together
  4. favour design finalized (within 2 days!) and production starting soon
  5. tonight I found a lovely clutch that will go amazingly with my wedding outfit!
  6. changed the time of our events and communicated with the vendors
  7. set up our rehearsal time as well as a meeting with our ceremony coordinator

whew! there's probably more but I won't go can ask me ;).

So much more to get done, but trying to enjoy every aspect of the process. In the midst of this, Norm & I are both still working our full-time jobs and trying to have quality time when we can snag it. Praying together and for one another is ABSOLUTELY getting us through this time.

We're also grateful to all who are praying for us, supporting our ideas, and financially contributing or working with us to make this DREAM wedding possible. THANK YOU!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


It's been far too long between posts. I will continue to post here about the progress of wedding plans and preparations for marriage. We are steadily crossing things off of the "To Do" list and trusting God for His faithful provision. So far, the biggest miracles have been in the catering, done by an old family friend, at a wonderful cost....and my DREAM wedding photographers at David Molnar Photography- David & his wife, Tammy. Check them out:

More details to come later...

Can & Norm